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Check out our new company Revolution Wool Company! 

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Pure and simple ... wool from our farm. Ontario grown, Canadian processed, enjoy the true warmth, durability and benefits of our local wool. We offer a variety of skins, raw wool, natural and dyed yarns, bedding, carded wool, roving and handmade items. Our sheep are a base of Dorset which produce a down type wool. Lofty and strong with a warm creamy colour. Perfect for many projects, decor and fashion from sweaters to quilts and pillows. Natural and botanical dyes are used for the colours. We forage around the farm and forest or stop on the sideroads to gather plants.


Check the shop for more details and product options! Please contact us directly for wholesale pricing and collaborations. 


Revolution Wool Company

Revolution Wool Company creates naturally soft and luxurious wool bedding, pillows and wool goods from wool grown on Canadian family farms.

About Revolution Wool Company

Our story begins, from this land, on our family farm in Ontario, Canada and other trusted local farm partners. Romy and Ryan and their family manage and care for the sheep at Circle R Livestock ... where Revolution Wool Company was born. Canadian sheep farmers have some of the highest animal care standards and sustainable land use practices in the world creating quality wool from the sheep we care for. Once the sheep are sheared, we work with Canadian mills and manufactures to create a variety of wool textiles and goods. We don't add or take anything away - the wool you enjoy is in its purest form (and straight from the source). As a result, our wool products will offer you the purest comfort, warmth and durability that will last for generations. 

Wool has been used for thousands of years for textiles, clothing, bedding, housing and insulation as humans have worked in connection to sheep and land. Wool is the perfect local fibre crucial to create renewable and sustainable products to support a circular economy and healthy environment. 

At Revolution Wool Company, we are bringing back the tradition of Canadian wool and creating a new story. There are constant REVOLUTIONS on the farm in seasons and a sheep’s life, in the process of milling wool and in wools amazing natural and biodegradable lifecycle. We are building connections to ensure value to our customers, our farmers, our economy and environment so we can revolutionize Canadian wool!

Follow along and connect on social as we share the amazing wonders of wool on @revolutionwoolco and what happens on our family sheep farm at @circlerlamb

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