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Breeding Stock

We raise about 700 ewes consisting of purebred Dorset ewes, Dorset Rideau crosses and maternal crosses for strong maternal lines. Our original bloodlines come from Western Canada and we are now using some rams with New Zealand and Australian blood. We are very excited about these sheep and the results they've given us. The maternal crosses have Increased prolificacy will help us offer more breeding stock and market lambs to the industry. These ewes are being crossed to our Dorset and Dorset x Rideau rams. 


Our goal is to work with and create quality sheep for the Canadian sheep farmer and lamb consumer ... ewes with strong maternal instincts and year-round lambing that produce strong and fast growing lambs. Keeping extensive records allows evaluation of all animals through genetic evaluation numbers and BioTrack. Animals with superior EPD's (estimated progeny differences), growth indexes and maternal growth indexes are key to improving our flock and yours. Flock health is a high priority ... keeping a closed flock except to bring in new rams from other healthy flocks. 

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