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Pure and simple ... wool from our farm. Ontario grown, Canadian processed, enjoy the true warmth, durability and benefits of our local wool. We offer a variety of skins, raw wool, natural and dyed yarns, bedding, carded wool, roving and handmade items. Our sheep are a base of Dorset which produce a down type wool. Lofty and strong with a warm creamy colour. Perfect for many projects, decor and fashion from sweaters to quilts and pillows. Natural and botanical dyes are used for the colours. We forage around the farm and forest or stop on the sideroads to gather plants.

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As a producer member of the Upper Canada Fibreshed we are strong believers in supporting the soil to soil fibre movement. Supporting local farmers and makers to creates sustainable products and environmental responsibility. Check out for details.

"The yarns have a pleasant plush loftiness in the hand representative of the breed. When you squeeze a skein you can feel the air. While soft in the skein it has a good amount of tooth, it is a strong wool, a well-balanced yarn, knitted it has great stitch definition and elasticity and an all-round workhorse. This yarn will make fantastic outerwear and socks. Soft enough in the fingering to make base layers for those not sensitive to wool."

- Cai Ballantyne, Fleece to Fabric, Kitchener Ontario

Our yarns and batting are processed and milled in Canada giving you a truly Canadian product. Sheep and lamb skins tanned at Atlas Tanning & Dyeing Inc. in Blyth Ontario. Sheep skins are a great addition to your home, for decor, as a rug, for bed (keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer), to snuggle with on the couch and for vehicle seats. Lamb skins for in a babies crib will help them sleep better and stay warmer. So many uses! They are natural, hypoallergenic and washable (use a suitable wool wash like Eucalan).