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Everything sheep, lamb and wool.


We take pride and care in producing quality lamb year-round. Lamb is a nutritious and protein rich meat that is easy to cook. A healthy source of protein filled with lots of vitamins and minerals ... zinc, vitamin B, iron and also omega 3 fatty acids. We feed all of our own home-grown feeds and grains and we make sure they have lots of clean water, straw and fresh air. Our lamb is tender and mild tasting. We do not use hormones (like all Canadian lamb) or unnecessary antibiotics to raise our lambs. 

You can find our lamb cuts at the following locations.

Parker Meats  

7465 Wellington 12, Alma, ON

519 638 0016

The Farmers Cut

620 Colby Drive Waterloo, Ontario, N2V 1A2
519 885 4842

Whole Lambs available at this location. Sourced from our farm and other Ontario farms. Orders due on Wednesday.

Peel Sausage
7860 6 Line, Drayton, ON
519 638 3446

Special Note: NO on-farm slaughter or live animals sold for meat