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The ramblings of a sheep farmer! What's happening on the farm and other thoughts about agriculture. 

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Sheep 101

Posted by on June 8, 2018 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Scientific name is Ovis aries.


A group of sheep is called a flock.


Sheep have 4 stomachs ... rumen, reticulum, omasum, abomasum


Sheep are very smart and can recognize and remember faces and people.


Pregnancy in a ewe is 5 months.


Sheep don't have top front teeth. They only have teeth on the bottom and you can tell how old they are by how many bottom teeth they have.


Sheep have good memories! Scientists believe that sheep can memorize the faces of up to 50 different humans and sheep throughout their life time.

Sheep produce fleece or wool, which is then used to make various items like yarn and felt.

Sheep can produce anywhere from 2-30lbs of wool per year!





Some basic sheep terms:

Ram - adult male sheep

Ewe - adult female sheep

Lamb - baby sheep, less than a year old


Whether - castrated male sheep


Ewe lamb - young female sheep kept for breeding, a sheep that hasn't lambed yet


Ram lamb - young male sheep


Hoggot - meat from lamb 1-2 years


Mutton - meat from sheep older than 2 years

Ideas Please?

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Wanna know more about our farm and what we do? Open to ideas!

Ask a Farmer - Resources

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I've often thought about writing some more blog posts about farming and what we do. The truth is there are some great bloggers out there all ready and I can't write nearly as good as them. Here's a few great resaruces for some farm info straight from farmers! If you ever have questions about your food and farming ... just ask the farmer.

CBC Food Fight

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While listening to the radio when doing chores I hear all kinds of stuff ... this time I decided to add my voice to the conversation too!

Organic vs. Conentional

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I often times get asked whether we are an organic farm. We are not. Most consumers assume that organic is better, more environmentally friendly, etc. The truth is farmers, not matter what type of production system they use, care for the soil and animals in good ways. On our farm we know that the practices we use are creating great crops/ feed for our animals while being enironmentally respoinsible (even if not "organic"). I found a great blog outlining the differences between ornganic and conventianal agricutlure, have a read! Remember, it's not what pracitices are "better" that others it's that each farmer and farm is run in it's own way depending on a number of factors.

Racism in Agriculture???

Posted by on November 16, 2014 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (1)

I’ve been thinking with all the recent posts and comments about farming and thought I needed to reminded people to mind their manners and respect each other. Since when did teaching people about what you do (on the farm) turn into such a battle. Farmers who want to share with the consumer what actually happens seem to be on the defensive more and more. Whether it’s a blog on why a farmer uses GMO’s or why another thinks there are benefits to using certain feed additives, there ends up being so many negative and hateful comments.

Farmers who want to teach and educate are being attacked … it’s almost like a new form of racism. It’s as if farmers are the new black, jewish, women and gays, etc. of the past who were trying to give their group a voice! The attacks can be very personal. So many comments are targeted directly at farmers morals and values. What happened to understanding and respect?

Let’s remember that that pasture isn’t better than confinement, small scale isn’t better than large scale, GMO’s aren’t better than non-GMO’s, grain fed isn’t better than grass-fed, vegetarianism isn’t better than meat, wheat isn’t better than gluten free … and all vise versa. One way is not better or worse … THEY ARE JUST DIFFERENT WAYS OF DOING THINGS. Each farm and farmer has their own unique way of running their operation. Location, crops, environment, animals, people, markets, etc. all have an impact on what farmers chose to do and why. In the end they do it because they love it … and they have a passion for making quality food for consumers. It’s time to stop attacking and just listen and learn.

Thank you to all who write the blogs to educate, do the research to prove what they do on their farms is for the best interest of their operation and to those who fight back! We need to stand strong and keep educating the consumer.


GMO Articles

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The following are some articles with more indepth information/ education about GMO's, have a read!





GMO's on our Farm

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I’m angry and frustrated about being judged about what we do on our farm and in modern agriculture. Many people lack the basic information about modern farming practices to form an educated view about agriculture; this is often used to make us look like bad people. Agricultural technologies (GMO’s in this instance) have made the world a better place and we will need to use many types of technologies to feed the growing population. As farmers we first and foremost want to keep our animals (sheep in my case) happy and healthy. When our sheep are happy and healthy they make more and healthier lambs more efficiently. The end result a great product for your dinner table. I support technology (GMO’s) because the positive effects far outweigh the negative. Current practices and products are always improving and when new farming technologies are available we utilize them. Neither you not I may not have all the answers ... but for now we will use the best option (think the iphone 4 or gas powered cad as the equivalent of GMO corn) until the technology advances more (maybe an iphone76 or a hydrogen feul cell car).


The following are some articles with more indepth information/ education about GMO's, have a read!




Coming Soon!

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I'm going to be posting here about various issues that we deal with on the farm. I'm going to addressing issues such as GMO's, animal care practices, how our sheep are doing or new projects we are getting into. Keep checking in to find out more about what we do on our farm. FEEL FREE TO ASK ME A QUESTION OR SUGGEST A TOPIC (I want to be able to teach you about sheep and what we do on our farm).