Quality Homegrown Ontario Lamb & Sheep Products


All parts and products our sheep produce are valuable. We offer a variety of sheep and lamb skins, raw wool, yarns and a variety of crafts. Sheep and lamb skins tanned at Atlas Tanning & Dyeing Inc. in Blyth Ontario. Yarn and wool is processed at Wellington Fibres Mills in Elora. 

Roving available for crafting, felting or stuffing. Soft, fluffy and bouncy!


Sheep skins are a great addition to your home, for decor, as a rug, for bed (keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer), to snuggle with on the couch and for vehicle seats. Lamb skins for in a babies crib will help them sleep better and stay warmer. So many uses! They are natural, hypoallergenic and washable (use a suitable wool wash).  

Medium lamb skin (on left) - $95

Large lamb skin (on right) - $100

Small lamb skin - $90

Larger sheep skins vary from $125 - $150

Various sizes available. Please contact for availability. 

Raw Wool

Lots of good things about our Dorset or Dorset Rideau cross sheep fleeces. The perfect wool for socks and sweaters because they have lots of stretch and bounce. Our wool also doesn't felt (or its hard to do). I'm told it's super easy to work with and hand spin ... even though it takes a few washes. 

Skirted fleeces and bulk wool for sale by the pound. Please contact for more details.

Yarn & Handmade Items

Variety of handmade items, hats, headbands, etc. that would make great gifts. Custom orders welcome!