Quality Homegrown Ontario Lamb & Sheep Products

Deliciously Nutritious

We take pride and care in producing quality lamb year-round. Lamb is a nutritious meat that is easy to cook. Our lamb is tender and mild tasting. A healthy source of protein filled with lots of vitamins and minerals ... zinc, vitamin B, iron and also omega 3 fatty acids. We feed our lambs home-grown feeds (corn or barley mixed with a special protein and vitamin pellet) and make sure they have lots of clean water, straw and fresh air. We do not use hormones (like all Canadian lamb) or unnecessary antibiotics to raise our lambs. 

Please call or message to place an order. Pick up at the farm. 

Whole Custom Lamb - $350 (~35lb, custom butchered)

Whole Lamb - $240 (30lb carcass), $260 (40lb), $280 (50lb) - cut yourself or for a whole lamb roast; can be cut in half, comes with head, heart, lungs, kidneys; slaughtered Thursdays, pick-up at farm Friday or Saturday morning 

½ Lamb Packs - $190 (~17lb)

A2lb leg roast, 2 leg steaks, 2.5lb shoulder roast, 2 shanks, 4pkg loin chops, 1lb stew, 3lb ground lamb

 B2.5lb leg roast, 2lb shoulder roast, 2 shanks, 1 rack of lamb, 2pkg loin chops, 2lb stew, 3lb ground lamb

¼ Lamb Pack - $105 (2.5lb leg roast, 2pkg loin chops & 2.5lb shoulder roast, 1lb stew lamb, 1lb ground lamb)

BBQ Lamb Pack - $65 (2pkg loin chops, 2 leg chops, 1lb ground lamb)

Various Cuts (selection may vary)

- loin chops $15/lb - ground lamb $11/lb - stew lamb $12/lb - leg steak $15/lb - shoulder roast $12/lb - leg of lamb roast $15/lb - shanks $9/lb - bones $3/lb - liver $4/lb 

Halal Slaughter: All lambs at the slaughter facility we use are Halal so you can trust our products. This is done at the abattoir by qualified individuals employed by the facility. This process is not view-able to the public due to logistics and regulations at the facility.

Special Note: NO on-farm slaughter. See the link about details on animal slaughtering in Ontario. 

Prices Effective: May 16th 2017